Thursday, 29 November 2012

Richard Dawson: He had to be good at something

The gloucestershire official website sprang into life yesterday to report that spin bowling coach, and lest we forget, ex-england spinner (cricinfo's profile says he had was more multi-dimensional than Graeme Swann!) has been taking part in Movember (although by the looks of it, this seems to be more of a goatee than a proper tache)

Dawson's grandfather apparently had prostate cancer, so fair play to him for getting involved. It's a pity he can't teach Ed Young or Jack Taylor how to bowl decently, but one thing at a time.

More impressively, the official website has obviously found out how to add new items. It's a shame that the season ended a couple of months. Less Movember updates and a bit more team news would be nice. Still, like we said, one thing at a time.

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