Monday, 19 November 2012

Gloucestershire unveil new t20 strip

Gloucestershire preseason training got off to an unusually early start this week as building work began on the much loved ground redevelopment. Speculation had been circulating on the official club website, with stories emerging about David Payne wanting to bulk up and of Ian Saxelby putting off knee surgery. Now the Jessop Tavern View can exclusively reveal that the boys can be seen getting in their strengthening and conditioning work on a building site near you. Ian Saxelby sounded enthusiastic with the innovative training program when he told the club website,

“I will also be doing extra strength sessions to the other players this winter in a bid to get more strength into my quads and the knee. In the meantime I’ll take part in everything and, while I am not going to be running in and bowling ten overs in the nets, I’ll do at least part of the training everyone else is doing."

As many of you will already know, Gloucestershire were 'saved' this year by planning permission being granted for the building of a block of flats next to the ground that will provide the revenue needed to improve the ground facilities. We are going to suggest that Linden Homes, the company charged with building the unwanted additions to neighbourhood beautiful new homes, may want to rethink their marketing strategy for selling the flats,

"The apartments will offer a truly unique living environment with views that will be the envy of cricket lovers around the world and also for those simply seeking a stylish home in the city.”

Clearly the people at Linden Homes haven't seen much of the boys playing cricket in recent seasons.

We'd also like to offer this opportunity for anyone who works at Gloucestershire to prove us wrong. The club website states,

"Regular updates will be posted on this website as the redevelopment programme gets underway." 

The Jessop Tavern View will have a wager with anyone who thinks that the club will stick to this statement. But wouldn't it be nice to think that someone at the club cared enough to go out and take a few pictures and then write a few words to describe to long suffering supporters exactly how things are getting on.

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