Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It's official. James Fuller is reputed to be genuinely quick.

We can't quite bring ourselves to write a preview of a match against a university side. We just can't make ourselves do it. We'd feel like a cheap county pro whose highest score is against the universities.

Instead we can reveal exciting news. The match starting this morning against Cardiff MCCU will feature James Fuller our newest Kiwi.

As mentioned once or twice before on this blog, being a county cricket fan involves scraping around for any information regarding team selection and new signings. Anything to get a feel for what is going on behind the scenes. Since announcing the signing of kiwi paceman Fuller last August news has been thin on the ground. You know you are in trouble if not even cricinfo has any information about a player beyond the fact he has played 2 first class matches with little success. It was therefore with great excitement that the Gloucestershire website ran as its headline the fact that Fuller would be in the squad for today's game. As the Jessop Tavern View eagerly read the accompanying article we were slightly concerned to read our official club source describe Fuller as 'reputed to be genuinely quick'. Do we not know? Have the club not actually seen him bowl yet? Have they seen him bowl and just didn't rate him? Did they think he looked a bit Carl Greenidge? You have to love this such a bungled way of spreading information. Can you imagine Man Utd unveiling their latest striker with Fergie giving a shrug of his shoulders and proclaiming that he is reputed to be a top finisher!

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how Fuller goes. Also in the squad are young off spinning allrounder Jack Taylor (who played a couple of bizarre games at the end of last season, doing very little in either) and Lance Corporal David Wade, the Irish Brett Lee, Graeme McCarter, and 16 year old Craig Miles, crikes!

Despite our reluctance to fully acknowledge this game as being proper cricket, with such a young team this game represents a genuine opportunity for many of these youngsters to show us what they are all about....and for O'Mish to score a cheap hundred on his return!

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