Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wanted: Promising, young New Zealander

Last week the club website announced the return of Kane Williamson is to return to the Nevil road gym staff....and, we presume, the Gloucestershire middle order. Whilst 800 odd runs from a test class batsman in division 2 was hardly a great return last year, the guy clearly has talent and his youth fits nicely with the rest of the team. We'd rather see a young international star than some journeyman Aussie of Saffer if nothing else.

What we failed to pick up on was the fact that he will clear off half way through to season to enjoy some Caribbean sun with New Zealand. But fear ye not for King John has had a word with his old contacts and young Kane will be replaced by and as yet unnamed future kiwi superstar...who will be decided on by the New Zealand cricket board. Presumably they are sat around a table as we speak, scratching their heads as to where they will find such a person......

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