Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pilates fans: Classes resume as of Thursday

Kane Williamson is back. Yes readers, the prodigal son, the man who averaged 36 for us last year has returned to Nevil Road in time to sit in the pavilion for the best part of 4 days, while occasionally nipping off to teach his daily Pilates class in the club gym.

Anyway, the forecast for our first home Championship game of the season is rubbish, so we're not sure a match preview has much value. For what it's worth, Glos are without David Payne (injured) and Paul Muchall (rested), so James 'fourball' Fuller and corporal David Wade come into the squad along with Williamson.

We quite often lose to Glamorgan in embarrassing fashion, so the Jessop Tavern View is minded to pray for rain and look for victories in May.

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