Monday, 21 July 2014

Will Gidman: The best all rounder since Hadlee. Fact.

How good is Will Gidman? This is probably a question a fair few division 1 teams will be asking themselves at the end of the season as they contemplate team building for 2015.

Having only played in division 2 it is hard to know exactly how highly to rate Gidman II. Could he make the step up in class to division 1? Could he make it at a level even higher than that? The Jessop tavern secretly hopes that we won't know the answer to either of these, though you suspect next season will be Gidman's best chance if he does harbour international dreams. You would suspect a winter tour will be his at the end of this year, and from there who knows? His brother was once in a similar position, and was even selected as England lions captain only for injury to deny him the chance to stake his claim. It never came again.

An interesting article appeared in the Gloucestershire Echo last week. If statistics tell the truth then it looks like England have been missing out on the best all rounder since Richard Hadlee. It has to be said that Mike Procter never got to have a go in division 2.

Still, it's a fun article.

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