Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Linking hip hop and cricket blogging

We’re not sure whether P.Diddy had county cricket blog writing in mind when he wrote, “Gotta make that money; bad boy, bad boy; gotta cash that money; gotta make that money, money; gotta take, gotta make, gotta catch that money, money; yeah, yeah”. Like we said, we’re not sure whether he had county cricket blog writing in mind when he wrote this, but the Jessop Tavern View has always liked to take it as its official motto. Everytime we’ve sat down to write something, our eyes glaze over and we can picture the money, the fame, and presumably the girls that would follow on from establishing the internet's only Gloucestershire cricket blog.

And here it is. The Jessop Tavern is finally about to catch that money. As Diddy would say; 'Yeah, yeah'.

Andy Bull, writing in the Guardian yesterday, suggested that we might not be living in an age of quality fast bowlers, or batsmen who know what to do when the pitch isn’t lifeless, but that we are living in a golden age of cricket writing. Admittedly he didn’t name the View from the Jessop Tavern specifically, but frankly who else could he have been referring to when he wrote that despite this golden age, the county game isn’t receiving enough attention, and his call to arms to all those people who report on the county game. We will also gloss over his point that the internet has made everyone a sports journalist, and that isn’t necessarily a great thing.

So there it is. Fame at last. We are now going to sit back, put our feet up, and wait for the girls to start piling up. And the money. Gotta catch that money. Yeah, yeah.

If this might be stretching the point too far, then we at least heartily recommend the piece, available here, and we also cannot encourage people enough to support the various publications mentioned in the article. The Nightwatchman in particular, is brilliant.

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