Saturday, 14 July 2012

5 Kane Williamsons for 1 Ed Cowan

It's Saturday morning, and what better way to spend it than by reading 'This Is Bristol' a website to whom we are not entirely sure which newspaper it is actually affiliated with.....

Anyway, today sees an interesting article concerning the relative costs of overseas players, and in particular Ed Cowan.

Firstly, whilst Ed Cowan looks a born bully of second division county attacks, Kane Williamson didn't look bad at the start of the season, averaging over 50. Williamson is also a young, exciting batsman whose potential is probably only really limited by the fact that he is a New Zealander. We'd be much happier to see Gloucester resign Williamson.

Secondly, if Kane Williamson comes at 20% of the cost of Ed Cowan, then how much have Glos ended up paying for Cowan's 6 game stint? Is this money that could have been better spent?

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