Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fair weather blogging

The Jessop Tavern View would like to apologise to its loyal following for its disappearing during the harrowing defeat to the journeymen of Northants.

Our collapse on the second day caused us to pack our bags and make for the nearest airport as we respectively spent the last week sunning ourselves in the Aegean, and sampling some of Scotland's finest single malts on Speyside. A 16 year old, single Sherry cask, Aberlour whisky is, I can confirm, the perfect antidote to Gloucestershire's ineptitude. Sadly it is also very expensive, and Gloucestershire's next bout of abject uselessness is sure to come around quicker than my ability to earn the required amount to purchase another bottle.

We can also conclude that we are fair weather bloggers. Quite why we even bothered to start a blog about Gloucestershire cricket is therefore anyone's guess.

However, due to the overwhelming demand from my co-blogger's Dad, we are back from our respective holidays and are poised and ready to report on a match against one of those other hideous sides from the East Midlands, Leicestershire.

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